Printed Circuit Board Design

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Intellitec Contract Manufacturing offers a wide range of integrated printed circuit board services. From older model support or through hole insertion to high density, lead-free circuit board printing, Intellitec has the printed circuit board service you need. Able to handle small one off orders or larger routine shipments, our experienced PCB team will have your boards from plan to product in a timely manner.


  • Auto Insertion (Older Model Support)
  • Board Level Manufacturing
  • Surface Mount
  • Through Hole
  • Wave Soldering
  • Conformal Coating
Printed Circuit Board Components
PCB Equipment


  • DEK Horizon 03iX Screen Printer
  • LY-5C Reflow Oven
  • Samsung SM482 Advanced Flexible Mounter
  • Samsung CP45FV NEO Pick and Place Machine
  • Speedline MPM SPM Screen Printer
  • Universal Unimod 6796A DIP Inserter
  • Universal VCD Single Head 8 Axial Lead Inserter
  • Universal 6295A Dual Head VCD Inserter
  • Universal 6360B Radial Inserter
  • Universal 6360D Radial Inserter
  • Universal 80 Station Axial Sequencer

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