At Intellitec, we believe in supporting our clients as if our manufacturing facility is an extension of the clients business. With an attention on detail and timeliness, we strive to foster personal connections and partnerships to help with your business' future success.

Company: Sigalarm Inc.

Product: Legacy Sigalarm Standard Control Module

Sigalarm was in a bind when the original manufacturer of their legacy product closed up shop over night and took Sigalarm's schematics with them. In need of a reliable manufacturer, Sigalarm turned to Intellitec for help. Read about how Intellitec solved their problem and fostered a working relationship that continues today by clicking here.

Wire Harness Production Germfree

Company: GermFree

Product: AirV2 Air Purifier

GermFree was in need of a dependable and local production facility to manufacture custom wire harnesses. In need of a quick turn around time, GermFree approached Intellitec for the build. When it was discovered the harnesses needed a special crimp and dye, Intellitec was able to quickly remedy the situation and deliver quality harnesses. To learn more about the project, click HERE.