Case Study: New Equipment and Short Lead Times

Customer: Germ Free

Product: AirV2 Air Purifier

Industry: Medical, Sanitation

Project: Build a custom wire harness assembly for Germ Free’s new product the AirV2 Air Purifier

Background: Germ Free Laboratories began in 1962, manufacturing isolators for gnotobiotic or ‘germ free’ research. Germ Free focuses on manufacturing medical equipment for hospitals, pharmacies and mobile lab units, specializing in biological safety cabinets and air purification systems. Germ Free’s technology is used by many of the top 10 pharmaceutical and biotech firms for production and lab applications.

Challenges: Germ Free approached Intellitec to build the assembly harnesses for their new product as their production facility doesn’t have the capabilities for harness construction without greatly adding to the cost of the new product. With this in mind, Germ Free chose Intellitec because of our manufacturing capabilities, tools, and skills allowing for a substantially lower cost for the wire harness assembly. Unfortunately the assembly for the wire harness required a micro-fit terminal connection which Intellitec did not support at the time.

Solution: After researching the correct terminal press and die needed, we ordered the new press and die to support the new terminals required. While we waited for the terminal press to arrive, we were able to begin the manufacturing process by hand crimping the harnesses to ensure the harnesses were done in a timely fashion for the products launch.